TelePain Medicine

TelePain Medicine clinic is a new service from Rehab to Go supporting patients living with chronic pain, and their GP prescribers.

Following a successful pilot of a Telehealth Clinic for patients with chronic and complex non-cancer pain over the last three months, during COVID-19 restrictions, Dr David Skalicky has established regular, bulk-billed TelePain Medicine service.

Dr Skalicky will provide a biopsychosocial assessment of the person and their pain, review medications, and direct therapy, favouring online Pain Management resources.

As with all specialist clinics, The TelePain Medicine clinic requires GP referral, and patients will nominate whether a telephone call or video call is preferred. Appointments will last 30-45 minutes, and following the consultation a letter will be provided to the referring GP.

For our list of contacts please click here.