TelePain Medicine – New Clinic

Following a successful pilot of a Telehealth Clinic for patients with chronic and complex non-cancer pain over the last three months, during COVID-19 restrictions, in the Illawarra region, Dr David Skalicky has established regular, bulk-billed TelePain Medicine service. Dr Skalicky will provide a biopsychosocial assessment of the person and their pain, review medications, and direct therapy, favouring online Pain Management resources. Feedback will be provided to the patient and the referring doctor. Continue reading TelePain Medicine – New Clinic

Opioid Medication Information Video

Are you considering starting opioid medication for management of chronic pain? There are a few things to consider before you start opioid medicines like buprenorphine, oxycodone, oxycontin. Take five minutes to view this informative video from the National Prescribing Service and Faculty of Pain Medicine. Even if you are a patient who has been taking opioids for a while, this video may answer a few of your questions like: “Why am I still in pain?” “Am I getting side-effects from the opioid medications?” Thank you NPS & FPM for creating this video! Continue reading Opioid Medication Information Video

Dr Skalicky receives Specialist Re-Accreditation at POWP & Wolper Jewish Hospitals

Every few years specialist physicians are required to re-accredit at their treating hospitals. The re-accreditation reassesses recent performance and professional compliance. Dr David Skalicky would like to thank the Board and Management teams at Wolper Jewish Hospital and Prince of Wales Private Hospital, for his re-accreditation with full admitting and treating rights to both hospitals for 5 and 2 years respectively. Continue reading Dr Skalicky receives Specialist Re-Accreditation at POWP & Wolper Jewish Hospitals

Telehealth Consultations from Dr Skalicky

Introducing Dr David Skalicky’s bulk-billed Telehealth, Specialist Rehabilitation Physician consultation service, from our Sydney rooms, in Randwick.   Dr Skalicky is an experienced rehabilitation physician with an interest in pain management and aged care rehabilitation.   He has been the visiting rehabilitation physician to the Bega Valley for four years, and is supported by the NSW Rural Doctors Network.    Dr Skalicky is an accredited teacher of medical students and rehabilitation trainees with UNSW at St Vincent’s Clinical School, and the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Please fax your patient’s referral to (02) 85809260 and our experienced staff will arrange the consultation. Continue reading Telehealth Consultations from Dr Skalicky

Recovering after Spinal Surgery

“Many people benefit from Rehabilitation after Spinal Surgery” says Dr David Skalicky, Rehabilitation Physician. “A Spinal Surgeon, may recommend surgery for degenerative disease in the Spine.” “Prior to surgery, people may experience pain, and decreased mobility, so they are starting their recovery well below their baseline.” “Rehabilitation programs following spinal surgery closely follow the Surgeon’s protocols, and often involve gentle ambulation under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.” Dr Skalicky admits patients Wolper Jewish Hospital in Sydney, for Rehabilitation after Spinal Surgery. Continue reading Recovering after Spinal Surgery

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation at Wolper

Dr David Skalicky is pleased to announce that he is now providing orthopaedic rehabilitation for inpatients with the experienced team at Wolper Jewish Hospital. Many patients will progress to Wolper’s Day Rehabilitation Program, after discharge home, to continue their functional recovery. For patients with recent hip, knee or spine surgery, a rehabilitation admission can be arranged by your surgeon, directly from your surgical hospital, by contacting Marcelle on (02) 83242200. Continue reading Orthopaedic Rehabilitation at Wolper

100 patients at SAN Rehab

This month, Dr David Skalicky has admitted his 100th patient for rehabilitation at SAN Rehab. The feedback from staff and patient’s has been excellent. Patients report that the therapy provides a ‘good work out’, and many choose to have hydrotherapy or continue their rehab once they leave Hospital. Most patients attend SAN Rehab after joint replacement surgery, other surgical and cardiac procedures, or after a deconditioning illness. SAN Rehab plans to double it’s capacity later in the year. Continue reading 100 patients at SAN Rehab

Be Active, Not Reactive

How much easier is it to respond to request (or demand), than it is to pursue your own tasks? Rehabilitation allows people to take time to actively pursue their functional goals. You have a multidisciplinary team supporting you. Your body is provided the time and your mind is provided the space to get you to your goal, through active participation. Good luck in reaching your Rehab goal! Continue reading Be Active, Not Reactive