Chronic Pain Management by Telehealth

Chronic Pain management requires a consultation from a physician which covers medical, physical and social aspects of impairment. Often there is interplay between all three areas.

For example, patients who are parents may be have exacerbations of chronic pain when parenting of children becomes more physically or emotionally demanding.

Work changes can lead to sleep disruption which may make back pain worse.

TelePain Medical is a telehealth service from Dr Skalicky for patients living with chronic pain, and their GPs.

It follows a successful pilot of a Telehealth Clinic for patients with chronic and complex non-cancer pain over the last three months in the Illawarra.

Dr David Skalicky has established regular, bulk-billed TelePain Medicine service. It is available across NSW & QLD. The TelePain Medicine clinic requires GP referral to Dr Skalicky.

Patients will nominate whether a telephone call or video call is preferred. Appointments will last 30-45 minutes, and following the consultation a letter will be provided to the referring GP.

For referral contact details please click here.

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